Buy and sell and trade!!

Buy, trade, sell
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Basically speaking:

just don't sell things that are illegal (weapons, ammo, animals, drugs, the rest than can get one and all in trouble). Use common sense, people. GENTLY USED ITEMS can be sold.

Scammers need not apply


Buyers: don't skimp on your purchases. BE FAIR with your sellers. If someone says "no trades/partial trades, OBO, haggling (and anything else you may come up with)", respect their decision(s). If a seller says, "first person to leave their PayPal gets priority", do not harass the seller/the potential buyer with whining that you asked for the item(s) FIRST

If not an eBay auction, PM/e-mail one another to finish your transactions, so that you know your PayPal/e-mail/home address will remain between the two of you

Sellers: you PROMISE not to sell or rent anyone's PayPal/e-mail/home address to anyone

Buyers: if your seller dines and dashes (scams you!! :C ), let me know ASAP

Disabling, freezing, deleting, and screening anything: NOT ALLOWED

Oh and the "shipping only to myowncountry because international shipping is too expensive" excuse is LAME. Coming from Canada, we're known for atrocious shipping costs, so if someone from here says that it will cost $15 to ship an item that you bought for only $5, either suck it up and deal with it or politely decline. Also, if PayPal's printing label option is all screwy, using THAT as an excuse not to ship/ship internationally is ALSO lame. Write it freehand, or copypaste the address to Word and then click print. You'll lose a buyer in me if you use either or excuse. I'm serious

By the way: there be HUGE differences between postal and bank money orders. When you get a money order that says POST OFFICE, that means you GO to your post office and cash it there, paying conversion fees and all (I do it, and I don't whine when I have to pay for the conversion fees), and not to the bank. If it says BANK MONEY ORDER, go to your bank and cash it there, paying for any fees that may occur. I've read it one too many times that people cashed in my POSTAL MONEY ORDER at the BANK and had to pay a fee. Also, if someone says that they wish to have their money order in their country's currency, RESPECT THAT. Example: if someone sends a money order in USD when you clearly state CDN, send it BACK. They mention they don't want to pay the conversion fee? Tell them that you do it all the time when you send money orders in a different currency than your own

While posting once a day is polite, I won't be upset if you post more than once a day

Pictures of what you're selling are awesome but not obligatory

No, I don't care if you have conversations within your respective entries :P

Just don't be dumb. Play nice or leave

(I will update anything whenever I feel like it) PM me with any problems that may arise. HAVE FUN!! :D

February 24th, 2012